What is Delayed Orgasm?

Delayed orgasm, or delayed ejaculation, is a condition in which it takes a prolonged period of sexual stimulation to reach sexual climax and ejaculation. Some men with this condition are unable to ejaculate at all. It can be a temporary or lifelong problem, and its causes include certain chronic health conditions, medications, and surgeries.

What are the Symptoms of Delayed Orgasm?

There is no specific time that indicates a delayed ejaculation diagnosis. Men are probably experiencing this condition if the delay is leading to frustration or distress, or if they need to stop sexual activity due to loss of erection, fatigue, or physical irritation.

Delayed orgasm Los Angeles can be divided into the following categories based on symptoms:

Delayed Orgasm Outlook

Overall, treatment for delayed orgasm may be an ongoing process and may involve multiple treatment approaches. Your urologist can work with you to help determine the underlying causes of your condition to help you find the most effective treatment options

What are Modern Advances in Men’s Sexual Health?

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Lifelong vs. acquired: Lifelong delayed orgasm is when the issue is present from the time of sexual maturity. Acquired delayed orgasm occurs after some time of normal sexual functioning.

Generalized vs. situational:  Generalized delayed orgasm isn’t limited to particular sex partners or certain types of stimulation. Situational delayed orgasm occurs only under certain circumstances.

What are My Treatment Options?

The exact treatment for delayed orgasm will depend on the underlying cause. It may include changes to medications you currently take or additional medications, undergoing psychological counseling, or addressing certain lifestyle choices. Therapy with a mental health professional can be beneficial in dealing with feelings of anxiety or frustration that may be worsening your ejaculatory dysfunction. A therapist can help you make changes in your relationship, your approach to sex, and your feelings around both to help you relax and enjoy it more.

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