Five Vasectomy Myths

Posted on June 7, 2022 by root

Dr. Justin Houman discusses the 5 most common vasectomy myths

Myth 1: Sex Won’t Feel as Good after a Vasectomy Sex will be just as good after a vasectomy — or better! The freedom from worry about unplanned pregnancies will allow you to be more spontaneous and will probably allow you to enjoy it more. A vasectomy changes what makes up your semen, not your erections or sensations.

Myth 2: Testosterone Levels Will Decrease True, the testicle makes both sperm and testosterone. The difference is, the testicle makes testosterone and transports it through the bloodstream, not the vas deferens. Testosterone levels don’t go down as a result of vasectomy.

Myth 3: You Won’t Be Able to have an Erection or Ejaculate  If you could ejaculate before your vasectomy, you’ll ejaculate after your vasectomy. Ejaculatory fluid, semen, is made in the prostate and the seminal vesicles, which are not cut during a vasectomy. The amount of fluid that comes out of the testicle with sperm is less than 1 percent of the overall ejaculate volume. The muscle contractions that force fluid out during ejaculation come from the pelvis and, again, are not affected by vasectomy.

Myth 4: Vasectomy Shuts Down Sperm Production Vasectomy just blocks sperm production. Men continue to make sperm, it just has nowhere to go. Sperm typically live about 3-5 days and then peter out. Therefore, if a guy doesn’t ejaculate every 5 days or so, his sperm die anyway—only to be replaced by millions more. After a vasectomy, the same thing happens; sperm are always in a constant state of production and decay, regardless of whether they have anywhere to go. This explains why vasectomy reversal works!

Myth 5: Vasectomy causes prostate cancer This is a myth that emerged in the 1990s and reemerged in 2014 based on studies that seemed to show an association between vasectomy and prostate cancer. Both times, the studies faced criticism for problems with their design and methodology. The flawed studies sparked larger, better designed studies, and these studies showed no connection between vasectomy and prostate cancer. The American Urological Association reviewed all the data and weighed in to say that vasectomy does NOT cause prostate cancer.

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